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President's Message

My Dear Fellow Dowites,

It is my privilege and honor to serve as your president this year. Two years ago you put your confidence in me when you elected me as DOGANA President-Elect by an over whelming majority.

DOGANA is starting a Loan Program for young dowites who need financial assistance. The committee comprises of DOGANA Executive Council and dowites from general membership with a confirmed track record of proven leadership. We will award up to ten loans per year to help young dowites to start their career in medicine in North America. The recipients are expected to repay their loan within three years after starting their residency training.

We are also celebrating and recognizing the achievements of our female colleagues this year through "Women of DOW" theme. This will be the theme of 11th Philadelphia on May 22-24, 2014. More female dowites will be in the leadership position this year.

Serving young dowites will be the front and center of DOGANA policy this year. We will help young fellow dowites with "Host a Dowite" program. Under this program we will request our membership to open their door for a night or two for young fellow Dowite when they come for residency interviews.

Many DUHS students seek clinical experience to improve their chances in securing the spot for residency training. We will structure the Electives and Observer-ship program. The procedure to seek elective/observer-ship will be simple and user friendly.

We will continue DOGANA House in Detroit and expand our collaboration with other Alumni and APPNA to provide accommodation to the dowites at subsidize rates.

DOGANA will also join forces with APPNA to support J1 Visa Bera-Meadows Bill. At the same time we will help dowites to get J1 visa clearance so they can start their training on time.

We plan to share medical knowledge with DUHS. A recognition Award program will be started for DUHS Faculty. DOGANA will give two cash awards to the DUHS faculty. One award will be for best published original article in a peer reviewed journal and the second for seed money for an original research at DUHS campus.

We will help DUHS library get institutional subscription for journals in different fields of medicine.

The Hand on Training Seminar will continue and expand in the area of pediatric gastroenterology.

We will continue the Merit Scholarship for 4th year students at DUHS.

DOGANA Retreat will be in Philadelphia on May 22-24th, Summer Meeting will be in Washington DC in August with APPNA summer meeting, and Fall Meeting will be in Phoenix Arizona on November 14-15 and Winter Meeting in Karachi on December 28th this year.

We are proud of our democratic values in DOGANA. I strongly believe in collective wisdom. With your continued support, and positive criticism we will steer DOGANA in the right direction. I like to recognize the efforts and leadership of Past Presidents and members of Central Councils through this message as well.

Long Live USA

M. Azim Qureshi, MD.

President DOGANA 2014

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