President's Message

Dear Dow family

It is an honor and a privilege to represent you as the next President of DOGANA 2015.

My central council team and I are very excited and happy to serve you and we are all brimming with new ideas to carry our Alma mater to a new level.

We will be working immediately to revamp the website completely. We want to create a new state of the art website that is interactive and will deliver much content to our members.

Dow graduates and faculty are in need of access to latest journal in basic and clinical sciences and we will arrange for institutional subscription for the best medical and surgical journals as well as subscription to Uptodate so they can access these journals in Dow medical college.

We would like to have the students of DUHS more access and exposure to hospitals and residency programs in United States for externship. So We will be arranging for more externship slots across the United States with the help of Dowites who are in Academics. Henceforth a LinkedIn type of system will be hopefully established between the Dowites Academicians and the central council to facilitate such externships in future. Much work has been done for Young Physicians of Dow during the tenure of Dr Azeem Qureshi, Dr Sajid Zafar and Dr Talha Siddique and I would like to continue to build on that during my tenure and continue to establish DOGANA houses to help these students find a place to stay during their externship.

I would like to establish a Dow scientific club where latest articles and studies can be shared between Dowites and where students of Dow can post their clinical studies and case reports or posters.

Many of our Dowites have struggled to get documents verified from back home. We will do our best to implement an online document verification system in future inshallah.

Lastly but importantly I will work to continue to increase DOGANA membership as our strength lies I our numbers and that is the only way to command respect for our Alumnus. I will be presenting some innovative ideas to central council in order to increase our membership.

I hope to serve the best I can and I will need your continued help and support in doing this, throughout the year.


Dr Asif Mohiuddin

Long Live Dow and Dowites !

M. Asif Mohiuddin, MD.

President DOGANA 2015

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