Loan Program

DOGANA Loan Program

Dow Graduate Association of North America has received several requests for financial assistance from DOW graduates. They have included requests for help for Dow graduates who are applying for residency in the US, financial assistance to help for travel expenses and examination fee etc. It is our feeling that in the coming months and years these fund requests will increase exponentially.

The Central Council started Loan Program for Dowites who are requesting for financial help.


In order manage this account and screen the applicants, we suggest, there be a committee of 7 people. 4 members from Central Council (President, President Elect, Treasurer and the Executive Director of DOGANA) and 3 members from the membership at large with strong credentials in fund raising and excellent unbiased standing in the DOGANA community. The non CC members will be serving for a 3 year term. Initially, the three members will be elected for a staggered term of one, two and three year term each.

Deserving Candidate

1. Should be DOW graduates.

2. These candidates should not have participated in self-funded scheme. They should have applied on open merit seats.

3. In order to assess the applicant, a point system will be used.

2 points each in the two step for a score of greater then 90th percentile

1 point each for US clinical rotations, research papers, residency offers, or a positive visa status i.e. green card vs. H1 already in place. The candidate should score at least 5 out of the 8 points.

If they have already applied for residency, they should send us a list of their interviewing hospitals, so that the Council can help them in their accommodation and travel needs.

The application should include names of 2 DOW graduates in USA, who can speak on these candidates behalf regarding academic qualifications as well as help determine financial need. These "endorsers" should be able to be cross referenced by council members.

There will always be special unique cases where we will have to make decisions on compassionate basis.


The maximum amount loaned will be $ 3000 per candidate. A candidate who fails to secure a residency spot one year, may apply a second time for the next year. The maximum time a candidate will be considered for a loan will be twice.

This money should be an interest free loan to these candidates, who would be expected to pay back within 2 years of starting their residency.

In the case that candidate is unable to secure a residency spot, he/she will not obligated in paying back this money.

No money will be sent outside US. The candidates must send us all their receipts i.e. registration fees for ECFMG, travel receipts or fees for applications etc. and then the candidate will be directly reimbursed through US based banks or financial institutions.

If you are a Dow Graduate, applying for DOGANA Loan Program please contact