Observer/Extern Program


One of many difficulties was how to make our residency training application better so it stands in the crowd. Applicants who had research back ground, were published authors, United States medical experience were proffered. These challenges are still there only to be tougher.

Dowites are coming to United States to visit family and friends, for taking clinical assessment exam, as spouse to US citizen. Dow International Medical College, DIMC, soon will have its first graduating batch. These Dowites will face the above mentioned difficulties. DOGANA wants to help these Dowites in achieving their future goals.

This year DOGANA has taken many initiatives to help young Dowites. We want to provide opportunities to young Dowites to get experience and exposure to United States health care system. We want to pro-vide them opportunities for externship, internship or shadowing at our place of work. Many teaching hospitals have established programs for training for young doctors. If we are part of faculty at our hospital then we can help a young Dowite find a spot there. If we are at decision making position at our community hospital then we can help a Dowite find externship at our hospital. We can provide extern-ship and shadowing opportunities in our private practice offices.

We understand that many of us already helping young Dowites but this is individual effort. DOGANA wants to establish a system, where young Dowites can contact DOGANA Liaison Office in Karachi or Young Physician Task Force about his/ her program and we should be able to match him according geography and field of interest.

DOGANA is a part of world-wide community of Dow graduates. If you are ready to make a difference in young Dowites life, please join this program.

If you are a DOW graduate applying for Observership in US, please send email with your information at