History of Dogana

dogana history

In 1970

The idea of forming Dow graduate association was first brought by Dr. Inayat and Dr. Sultan Ahmed on the eve of 2nd IMANA meeting in 1970 in Chicago.

In 1979

A number of Dow Graduates attended the annual meeting of Association of Pakistani Physicians (APP) at the Renaissance Center, Detroit MI. Among those who attended the meeting were Doctors Sultan Ahmed, Iltifat Alavi, Aziz Arian, Inayat Husain, Mujtaba Hussain, Rashid -Ul-Khari, Ikram Ullah Khan, Iftekhar Salauddin and Tariq Zafar. At that meeting the idea of the Dow Graduates Association was conceived.

1980 ... Washington DC

The general body appointed an Ad Hoc committee consisting of Doctors: Sultan Ahmed, Iltifat Alavi, Salim Chowdhry, Inayat Husain and Pervez Liyas Shah; with a charge that this committee come up with aims and objectives, to write a simple constitution and to collect demographic data of Dow Graduates in North America.

June 1981 ... Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago, IL

The Dow Graduates Association was established as a social, fraternal and non-political organization. A four page constitution including by-laws were approved by the general body. Dr. Inayat Husain was elected as the first President of Dow Graduates Association.

December 1983 ... Karachi, Pakistan

The annual symposium of Dow Graduates Association was held at the Hotel Intercontinental. A large number of Dow Graduates Association's members presented their scientific and research papers along with the faculty of Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS). The symposium was well-attended and was a resounding success.

In 1985 ... the constitutions and by-laws were amended

The name of the organization was changed from Dow Graduates Association to Dow Graduate Association of North America (DOGANA). A post of Executive Director was created, who was to be nominated by the executive committee for a term of five years. Dr. Iltafat Alavi was unanimously elected for that post. In 1985 ... two other events took place.

The sixth International Congress on Health sponsored by APP and DOGANA was held at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan. It was attended by a large number of overseas delegates and physicians from Pakistan. The meeting was inaugurated by the President Zia Ul Haq of Pakistan. Audio visual equipment were donated by DOGANA along with several educational video tapes for the students and staff of DMC.

In 1989

Professor Sultan Ahmed wrote a handbook of Cardiology for the students and junior staff. DOGANA sponsored its publication and 1,000 copies were distributed at the medical school. In 1990, President Bushart Ahmed instituted the Youth Excellence Award Program. Commemorative plaques and cash awards were distributed o six meritorious high school graduates. In 1992, the late Professor Mahmud Ali Shah was guest of honor at our annual meeting. He sought donations for the Layton Rahimtoola Eye Hospital in Karachi and a sum of $ 5,000 was collected and donated to the hospital.

1980 to 1996

There were 400 addresses of Dow Graduates in 1980 which were available to DOGANA through AMA registers. As of March 1996, there are 2,106 Dow Graduates in North America. There are 34 life-time members of DOGANA so far. There annual membership varies between 120- 135 per year. - Iltifat Alavi MD.