DOGANA Lifetime Achievement Award

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Dow Graduate Association of North America (DOGANA) will recognize an individual who has made major scientific contribution to the advancement of medical science and profound service to Dow Medical College over an extended period of time and thus qualifies as a role model. An award entitled Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to one such individual annually.


1. Graduation from Dow Medical College (DMC) at least ten (10) years earlier or professional contribution to this institution for over ten (10) years AND meeting at Least three (3) of the following criteria:
2. Criteria:
(a) Professorial position on the faculty of a well recognized academic institution in any country.
(b) At least six (6) research publications in refereed journals
(c) Member of research society in the appropriate discipline
(d) Editorship and/or service on the editorial board of major journals
(e) Recognition from peers such as fellowships, research or publication awards
(f) Service on major government commissions, task forces or boards
(g) Evidence of exceptional activity in patient care, facilitating establishment of centers of excellence in the related discipline.


Any graduate of DMC, whether a member of DOGANA or not, may nominate an individual meeting the above criteria.
The nomination shall consist of:
1. A copy of complete Curriculum Vitae
2. A nominating letter in the form of a Citation.

Nominations shall be mailed to the Chairman, DOGANA Award Committee before the set deadline each year..

1. Members of the Award Committee will evaluate all nominations within three (3) weeks of their receipt. The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be decided by majority vote of the committee.
2. This Award Committee will select only one individual for each year.
3. All nominees not selected by this Committee will be considered for next two years along with additional nominations for those years.
4. No Award will be given in the year when the Award Committee decides that no nominee is worthy of the Award.

1. The Award will be in the form of a plaque.
2. This plaque will be presented by the President of DOGANA at the Annual Meeting. For special reasons President or the Council may decide to have another individual present the Award.
3. Before presentation of the Award, the individual who nominated the Awardee will read Citation of the awardee. In the event the Nominator is not available, Citation will be read by one of the members of the Award Committee.
4. In the event the awardee is not able to receive the award in person, the plaque will be delivered in person as soon as possible by a designee of the DOGANA President. The Citation will be read at the Banquet.

Approved by DOGANA Award Committee 2016.
Azim Qureshi, M.D. [Chair]
Zia Moiz, M.D.
Rizwan Karatela, M.D.
Danish Saeed, M.D.