Monthly Meeting Minutes

dogana committees
  • 2/19/17

    Date of Meeting: 2/19/17

    Attendees: Dr.Razi Sayeed, Dr.Mamoona Shaikh, Dr. Mansoor Mohiuddin, Dr.Talha Siddiqui, Dr.Irfan Aslam, Dr.Mashood Qadri,Dr.Adil Ahmed, Dr.Rizwan Ali, Dr.Abrar Mirza,Dr.Deeba Syed.

    Absentees: Dr. Amir Jamal, Dr.Danish Saeed, Dr.Shahnila Latif.


    -New members were introduced since all were present.
    -According to meeting agenda, website update was provided by Dr. Razi Sayeed, the current website maintenance person Mr. Anwer Shaikh has provided the password which was shared with Mr.Laiq to see if that is all he needs to start working on it.
    -MTBC has agreed on sponsoring our website update cost. In return MTBC advertisement will be posted on the website for six months to an year.
    -The contract with Mr.Laiq Ahmed will be signed by the president.
    -Next the retreat update was provided, the hotel is charging $50/person including tax as service charges.
    -It was suggested to check with APPNA if their 501 C3 status is approved in Canada.
    -Next the contract with the new accountant needs to be signed by the president and the executive director.
    -Dr. Talha Siddiqui informed that he had received all the files from the previous accountant.
    -The new accountant since she was involved in setting up quick books for accounting and also had conducted Internal Review for DOGANA last year, does not need any accounts update.
    -The retreat flyers were ready to be sent by e-mail to the general membership and posted on website and Facebook.
    -Next the retreat entertainment about mushaira was discussed.
    -The meeting was then adjourned.

    Mamoona Shaikh-Ahmad MD
    GS DOGANA 2017

  • 1/29/17

    Date of Meeting: 1/29/17

    Attendees: Dr.Talha Siddiqui, Dr.Razi Sayeed, Dr.Danish Saeed, Dr.Amir Jamal, Dr.Mamoona Shaikh, Dr.Irfan Aslam, Dr. Naushad Noorani, Dr.Mansoor Mohiuddin , Dr.Deeba Syed, Dr.Adil Ahmed, Dr.Mashood Qadri,
    Absent: Dr.Shahnila Latif, Dr.Abrar Mirza,Dr.Rizwan Ali.

    -Meeting was formally started by the President Dr.Razi Sayeed. The minutes from December 2016 meeting were not available for approval due to some communication delay.
    -It was suggested that meeting minutes should be sent within a month to CC for approval and posted on our website for general membership so that they can be more involved.
    -The President then asked the Treasurer to present the Budget for 2017.
    -The Budget 2017 was already shared through e-mail to all CC. Some details were discussed regarding Spring retreat, Social Forum during Summer meeting, Document verification, Website update and renovation ( Possibility to get MTBC sponsor the Website renovation cost), CPA old and new, Winter meeting ( some left over money from last meeting since MTBC donated $4000).
    -Class of 1983 has taken the responsibility to fund for Dow Faculty Award to one Faculty (Rs.50,000) and one Employee (Rs.25,000) through DOGANA’s platform each year.
    -This year Dr.Meher’s family (Community Medicine’s Professor of Dow) was given Rs.50,000 by Class of 1983 and Rs.50,000 ( total Rs.100,000) by DOGANA.
    -This year’s employee award was given to Dow Librarian Mr.Siddique.
    -It was decided to make a committee including one or two DOGANA members and one from Class of 1983 to evaluate the Faculty Research Awards.
    -It was suggested to allocate some seed money for annual DOGANA Publication. It was suggested to mail that to all members.
    -A motion was moved by Dr.Mansoor Mohiuddin to approve the Budget and seconded by Dr. Amir Jamal.
    -Next the President discussed all the Committees including Standing and Adhoc, an e-mail was also sent to all the CC members.
    -Committee members and their responsibilities were discussed. CME committee’s Chair and making more efforts to organize Winter CME was also discussed.
    -It was suggested that Disaster Relief Committee should have a base line fund available so in time of need we can go to membership saying that CC has generated X amount and we need X more.
    -A motion was moved to approve all the Standing and Adhoc Committees by Dr. Irfan Aslam, seconded by Dr. Danish Saeed.
    -Next the President presented and discussed about Website renovation's proposal. All the details in the proposal was discussed including running ads on our website to generate some income. It was discussed that the ads should be limited to health care related companies. Also Website should have some links to connect to other related sites, the site should have constant updates for general informations.
    -The deal with MTBC is under negotiation for sponsoring the cost of Website renovation and in return their company will get advertisement through our site for some period of time.
    -Next Dr.Razi Sayeed briefly informed about the Spring Retreat, which is going to be in May 19th weekend in Toronto. Hotel arrangement are underway at this time. Dr. Naushad Noorani will be Chair of Spring Retreat.
    -Dr. Razi Sayeed also informed us that Khyber Medical College Alumni wants to have their first retreat with us. It was discussed that they will have a separate room for their event but will share the cost of rooms and food. There will be no profit sharing except ad money if they bring the ad.
    -Also local APPNA Chapter will have their program at the same event. No profit sharing including rooms.
    -It was suggested to contact local Government officials to be invited for the retreat.
    -At the end the new CC members were also acknowledged, only Dr.Adil Ahmed was present in the meeting.
    -The meeting was then adjourned.

    Mamoona Shaikh-Ahmad
    GS DOGANA 2017