Dear Fellow Dowites

Assalamualaikum, I hope the new year has started well for you and your loved ones and will bring happiness and success to you. Let me start by first expressing my joy and honor in assuming the role of the President of DOGANA for year 2017. I am humbled by the responsibility to lead the biggest and most vibrant alumni of physicians of Pakistani descent and will strive to make it a more active and effective body which will make a difference in the community and lives of our fellow Dowites.

It will not be an over statement on my part to say that we are living in an interesting and challenging time in this part of the world and need to pay attention to the life and affairs around us. We have to be more active in the community and our work places and be involved with our associations and organizations including DOGANA.

We, Dowites, are a dynamic group of individuals proven by our accomplishments in life and by having the courage to come to a foreign land and make a home of it. We are successful professionally, and most do not have to worry about making ends meet. We cannot afford to be living a life of complacence and comfort, making comments on the social media, discussing politics in our drawing rooms with friends and blaming certain ethnic, political or religious groups or individuals for the direction our life will or is going to take. We have to take action and be involved.

At this time, I will invite all of you to join the ranks of our friends and fellow Dowites who are involved and active. As a start, I will appeal to every Dowite to become a member of the alumni (link is on this website) and be connected, volunteer and become a voice in the community.

Our Dowites at DOGANA have a history of volunteering their time, energy and money to help with projects which includes DOW Loan program, Externship program, Host a Dowite program and Young Physician program. We are also running DOGANA houses with sister organizations in several cities. We are also trying to pay back to our beloved Dow University by our Visiting Faculty program, consultation clinics as well as research and merit scholarships.

One focus for me this year will be to work with the Dowites who have been in North America for a number of years and have immigrated here (USA and Canada) at different stages of their carriers with lower chance to get into a residency programs. Our goal will be to provide them with direction and help to get into parallel fields of clinical medicine such as research, teaching, allied health and technological health fields.
I would like to thank and commend the immediate past president of DOGANA 2016 Dr Danish Saeed for his excellent and dedicated leadership of this organization and also the past presidents of DOGANA in the last years for the direction and guidance they have provided to DOGANA in shaping its goals. I will also commend the central council from last years for their hard work in keeping our mission going.

We will be having this year's DOGANA retreat in Toronto/ Mississauga Canada on 19th May 2017. Please mark your calendar and do attend it. We promise a memorable meeting with pleasure/fun for the whole family and an opportunity for you to combine planning and participation in projects with reunions. Please contact me on with any suggestions or concerns..

M. Razi Sayeed, MD
President DOGANA 2017